The following are brief highlights of services being catered to our esteemed clients:

Comprehensive Ground Handling Services at Airport.
Complete Activities of City Booking Office of Airlines.
Comprehensive Passenger Handling and Assistance Services.
Cargo Handling/Loading & Unloading/Carting/Strapping Services.
Wheel Chair Assistance Services at Airports.
Aircraft Specialized Cleaning.
Aircraft Interior/Exterior Deep Cleaning.
Aircraft Transit Cleaning.
Aircraft Seat and Carpet Dry Cleaning.
Aircraft Fumigation.
Hanger Maintenance Cleaning at Airports.
Providing Transportation and Security services for Crew.
Cleaning of Tarmac Coaches, Step ladder and other GS equipments.
Providing Drivers/Operator for the operation of GS Equipments, Tarmac Coaches, Automatic/Manual Step ladders, High Lifts, Buggy Cart etc


We provide following Type of Specialized Manpower:

Management Staff(Managers, Supervisors, QA, TL)
Official Staff (Stenographers, Clerical Staff, CSA, CSE, PA/PS, Accountant)
Engineering Staff
I.T. Support Staff
Drivers(LMV, HTV, Equipment Operators)
Utility Hands(Wheelchair Pushers, Cleaners, Loaders, Office Boys, House Keepers)

The range of services offered by us for GHA Activities includes:

Passenger Facilitation, Auxiliary Facilitation
Baggage Makeup & Breakup activity
Ramp Activity
Cargo Carting/Strapping Services